Monday, April 26, 2010

Students Evaluate Staff Members

In late spring each year, our students are asked to provide a written evaluation of their teachers and other Wellsprings staff members. They're given a form that allows them to give confidential feedback to the staff.

In the instructions, students are asked to think about their interactions with individual staff members since the current school began. For each person, they're asked to give sincere and thoughtful feedback to nine questions. The first five utilize a rating scale of "1" as most positive, to "3" as neutral, through "5" as very negative:

1. I have had at least one class this year with this staff member. Yes or No
A. Her/his class is usually interesting.
B. I learned a lot in her/his class.
C. In course planning, s/he takes my input into consideration.
D. I would recommend to other students that they take classes with this person.
2. S/he was helpful to me as an advisor.
3. This staff member helps to maintain an environment during class and around the school that is emotionally and physically safe.
4. S/he is easy to approach.
5. I feel heard and respected by her/him.

The last four questions give students a chance to express their perceptions of each staff member in their own words:

6. Describe the way this staff member makes you feel.

7. what does this person contribute to the Wellsprings community?

8. What could this person improve on?

9. Other comments?

The responses from students are then compiled anonymously for review by staff members to see what they are doing well and what they might do better. This evaluation is just a small sample of the interactive environment our learning community continually creates to enhance personal growth and academic (or professional) achievement for everyone, students and adults alike.

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