Monday, April 19, 2010

An Absolutely "Cozmic" Benefit Concert

Once again, our Benefit Concert at Cozmic (yes, with a "z") Pizza was a great success with a large enthusiastic crowd of students, parents, and friends of Wellsprings on hand to cheer the performers. This year we had more student musicians performing, along with a student who recited her poetry and another who belly-danced. Of course, our talented group of teachers -- Paul, Bob, Chanci, and Tyler -- played and sang in their bands and Rio, an "old" graduate of the school, topped off the evening with his rappin'.

For a look at happenings during the evening, here's a gallery of photos taken during the event which supports our school's art and music programs (Click on a photo to enlarge for better viewing):

If you'd like to listen and view videos of several of the performances, here's a selection of the groups and individuals to enjoy:

ChanciPants & The Educators

Alex & Laura

Axle - Jammin' with Paul & Tyler

Strum Theory

Chayla, Our Poet Extraordinare


Rio the Rapper

Thank you to everyone who attended our benefit concert and for your generous donations (and to Cozmic Pizza for the great venue)! Plus a big round of "cheers" to all of the students and teachers who entertained us with their talents.


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