Monday, October 26, 2009

Wellsprings Family Reunion: Celebrating Our First 15 Years

On a cool, sunny Saturday afternoon, over 100 people came to school for our Family Reunion -- past graduates, current students, parents, and friends. Together with teachers and staff, everyone celebrated Wellsprings first 15 years and looked forward to our next 15 as an alternative learning community for high school students.

Past graduates visited with their friends and teachers while enjoying a lunch that included burgers and hot dogs cooked on the grill by teachers Bob and Tyler. Several current students and parent volunteers helped with the set-up, lunch preparations, and clean-up of the school as well as gathered "Share Your Wellsprings Story" information from attendees.

Head of School Dennis Hoerner moderated a program that honored three special people who have served the school over the years -- Helen Park, founder of Wellsprings, and Board members Hanna Still and John Etter who've been on the Board of Trustees for all of the 15 years the school has existed. Helen Park told the story of her inspiration to start the school and shared memories from the early years. And past graduates, a parent, Peg Morton, and teacher Paul, shared their experiences of being at Wellsprings. Our teachers and Dennis were given a round of applause for their contributions to the education of students and the life of the school.

Here are some photos of students, teachers, staff, and volunteers getting ready for the reunion.

Additional photos feature many of the people who joined us for the celebration.

Thank you to everyone who made the event a rousing success and a special thanks to Yancey for all of her work in preparing for our second Wellsprings Family Reunion. We look forward to continuing the tradition!

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