Thursday, June 17, 2010

Graduation Practice 2010

Graduation day began for our eighteen seniors with a rehearsal at 10 a.m. Students chose from a colorful selection caps and gowns, often struggling with getting the cap to stay on their head. Next came getting organized (by height and number) to practice the two-by-two "slow walk" down the aisle.

Once everyone gathered on stage in their assigned chair, the photographer arranged the young people for their class graduation photo. After some arranging and rearranging, students were in place for the photo (which they'll receive later this month). Here is an "unofficial" photo with some faces hiding behind others.

The seniors then practiced moving in their rows from the stage and walked two-by-two up the aisle to the back of the room and down the hallway from which they would emerge to begin the ceremony at 7 p.m.

Teachers and students mingled after the rehearsal to eat cupcakes and other sweet goodies while discussing plans for the evening. In just a little over eight hours, the students will have received their diplomas in a grand celebration of the spirit of each young person and their days at Wellsprings Friends School.

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