Friday, September 18, 2009

"The King" Reappears Before Our Silent Meeting

Our morning circle was graced by the rare reappearance of "The King" himself, dressed in baby blues and looking better than ever. He came to sing to Clyde, our student who celebrates her 17th birthday today.

The King sang five of his classics including "Teddy Bear" while he gave Clyde a little teddy bear. He concluded with his sweet "Fools Rush In" as he kneeled and extended his hand to Clyde and kissed her hand.

At the end of his gig, The King asked everyone to sing "happy birthday" to our birthday girl and the whole circle joined in song. And he quietly slipped out of the room before the start of our silent meeting. Wonder if we'll ever see him again?

Click on the photos in the slideshow below to enlarge for better viewing.

Quite the "warm up" for our 15-minute silent meeting this Friday!

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