Monday, July 27, 2009

Thoughts of a Wellsprings Poet Laureate

By Michayla Todd

"A poet laureate is defined as a specially recognized and distinguished person deserving of distinction for poetic merit."

As the 2008-2009 school year came to a finish, Wellsprings students, new and old, teachers, friends and family of the Wellsprings community, all gathered at Armitage State Park for an end of the year, barbecue celebration. With the day of nerf gun wars and water filled piƱatas coming to an end, we all gathered around for one of the many, much loved Wellsprings traditions.

Teachers took turns giving a short speech about each student and assigning a painted rock, inscribed with a nickname that they have agreed fits the unique personality of each individual. I personally, especially around the Wellsprings community, have become notorious for my love of writing. I have developed many fulfilling relationships with some of the wonderful minds at Wellsprings, through our common passion for literature. This hobby of mine landed me with the Wellsprings rock label, of the Poet Laureate.

With my newly found passion for writing growing and expanding throughout my first year at Wellsprings, I have gained the support of all of my beloved friends, the educators of Wellsprings. They have all done more than I could have hoped they would, going the extra mile to support and cultivate my talent and passion. They have truly shown that they genuinely care about the youth of our society, and are making an effort to help in any way they can.

Knowing that I have solid plans to go to college and work towards a future in journalism, a few of the staff arranged for me to have this personal column on our community blog page, to help me gain experience. With this arrangement coming at the end of the school year, I won’t be posting regular pieces until the start of next year in the fall. However, I did feel that I should give a bit of a preview of what to look forward to in the 2009-2010 Wellsprings blog.

My blog posts will mainly be a personal description, from a student’s point of view, of the events and activities that occur at Wellsprings Friends School. I will keep readers updated classes are being offered, upcoming events, and the details of our school field trips. I will interview fellow students and teachers, asking for their personal opinions and input on current life at Wellsprings. Hopefully, both the community and my input will help Wellsprings supporters understand from a student’s point of view what the school is doing for my generation.

I anxiously look forward to sharing the experiences of our community with people looking to help and support our school. Congratulations to all the graduating seniors, class of 2009. As for the rest of Wellsprings Friends, I will see you in the fall.

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