Saturday, December 13, 2008

Special Free Sale For Holiday Sharing

For the past four years, our school has had an annual Free "Sale" in the Spring. This year, with the economic downturn and increase in job layoffs, Yancey, our organizer extraordinaire, suggested that we add a second free "sale" to give away items at no charge to everyone who shows up at the school on a December Saturday morning (9 am - 12 pm).

Many people have donated hundreds of usable second hand items for us to give away at the event. At past sales, many satisfied "customers" who came to the school expressed shock that everything is free. As a child said one day with a toy in hand, "You mean, I can take this for free?"

The Free "Sale" was originally inspired by stories of the Free Store in Buffalo NY in the 1960's. It has become a special event for the Wellsprings Friends community every year.

Asked why she enjoys continuing to work on the project, Yancey says, "There is no greater feeling than to give things away. People are always shocked and surprised when I encourage them to take what they need. The satisfaction of making someone smile is priceless -- or in this case, free."

Slide show of photos (click to enlarge) taken during set up for the Free Sale for Holiday Sharing. A special "thank you" to the four students who arrived very early on Saturday morning to help Yancey with set-up!

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